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Arizona Medical License Application
How long will this take me?

Allow three to four months. It could be less.

How quickly can I obtain my license?

Using our expedited service, we can have your application and verifications out the door within five business days. Once your application is complete at the board, your file is sent to quality assurance, reviewed, and a personal interview is scheduled by the board and the physician.

What are some of the requirements for licensure?

You must pass the USMLE or one of the examination combinations with score of at least seventy-five within a seven year period. The board may require an applicant seeking licensure by endorsement based on successful passage of a written examination or combination of examinations, the most recent of which precedes by more than ten years the application for licensure by endorsement in this state to take and pass a special purpose licensing examination to assist the board in determining the applicant’s ability to safely engage in the practice of medicine. The board may also conduct a records review and physical and psychological assessments.

As an IMG, what is the minimum number of PGT need to qualify for licensure?

You must have completed a fifth pathway program of one academic year of supervised clinical training under the direction of an approved school of medicine in the United State and a successful completion of an approved 24 month internship, residency, or clinical fellowship program upon completion of the fifth pathway program or three years PGT in an accredited US or Canadian school.

You practice medicine, leave the license to us.

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