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State Licensing Requirements

Michigan has longest freshwater coastline in the country, bound by four of the five Great Lakes, plus Lake Saint Clair. The Lower Peninsula is home to industry and major cities such as Detroit while the Upper Peninsula is a outdoor lover's paradise and a popular tourist destination. Michigan has approximately 187 hospitals, specialty and rehabilitation centers with numerous smaller surgery centers and clinics.

Michigan Medical License Application
How long will this take me?

Allow three to four months. It could be less.

How quickly can I obtain my license?

Using our expedited service, we can have your application and verifications out the door within five business days.

Are there CME requirements to get the license?

No, not for the initial license. Bi-annual renewal requires150 CME credits.

As an IMG, what is the minimum number of PGT need to qualify for licensure?

The applicant must have completed two years of post-graduate medical training in a program acceptable to the commission. Michigan will also accept a Fifth Pathway in lieu of the ECFMG.

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