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Texas Medical License Application
How long will the process take?

Texas is legislatively mandated to process all physician licensure applications in an average of 51 days. The processing time clock begins when the applicant has submitted all initial requirements and the application has passed from Pre-licensure to Licensing. Processing time will vary according to the complexity of the application.

Do they accept the FCVS?


Do I have to appear before the Board?


As an IMG, what is the minimum number of PGT need to qualify for licensure?

You must successfully complete three years of GME training in the United States or Canada.

What additional examinations are required for licensure in Texas? 

The Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination. If you have not passed the FLEX, SPEX, NBME, NBOME, USMLE or COMLEX, or LMCC within the preceding 10 years, or if you have not obtained American Specialty Board certification or re-certification or the AOA Bureau of Osteopathic specialists certification or re-certification within the preceding 10 years, you will be required to pass the SPEX under the board’s 10-year rule. 

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