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You’re never far from the beach in Florida. Atlantic coast, Gulf coast, even if you move to the heart of the state it's an easy drive to some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Not to mention the theme parks and historic cities. Let us help you navigate Florida’s board of medicine and license process. We live and work in Florida and it’s our most popular state.

Florida Medical License Application
How long will this take me?

Allow three to four months. It could be less.

How quickly can I obtain my license?

Using our expedited service, we can have your application and verifications out the door within five business days. Florida has a two-review system. Once reviewed by the second processor [who verifies everything is complete] the license is issued.

Are there CME requirements to get the license?

Yes, there is a two-hour online course you must take called the “Prevention of Medical Errors.”

As an IMG, what is the minimum number of PGT need to qualify for licensure?

Florida requires at least two full progressive years of accredited years in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

You practice medicine, leave the license to us.

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